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We understand that in this day and time people need mentors.  We understand that it is hard to find these special people when you are young. It even gets harder the older you become. We are here to help you! We provide personal mentors of all backgrounds. We mostly focus on mentors that have been established and make well income. We also have metors for other parts of you life beside your finances.

Our history

Our history comes to you from the local area in which we provide services. We built this company within our family.  We have many contacts and will match you with the best mentor for you.  We understand that many people are looking for a mentor to increase their money. We provide you with affordable rates.

Our mission

The mission of TM Services is to provide great service to every customer we can. We do it right!

Professional Mentor Program


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This package includes 1 weeks of personal mentor.

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Personalized plan for you. 

Exclusive Mentor Program


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

This program has it all. 

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Recommended book list 

Personal plan for you to take after the 6 weeks. 

This package also includes 3 free books from us based on what we think will help you.

We will also be discussing future goals and will be sending you a worksheet that you can use after the program is over. 

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